Eye-Spy Scavenger Hunt through downtown Smithfield


Looking for a fun family activity? How about a FREE online scavenger hunt through downtown Smithfield? Our Eye Spy Scavenger Hunt takes you to 9-12 different stops in downtown Smithfield where you use your smartphone to answer a question, then proceed to the next stop. The hunt tells the story of our town’s history and a bit of trivia about our local tourism industry.

There are two FREE hunts to choose from:
The Smarty Pants Scavenger Hunt: For those who enjoy a challenge, adults, teens and groups with older children (age 11+). The hunt features 12 stops and is  approximately 2 miles long.
The Eye-Spy Family Scavenger Hunt: Great fun for families with children (age 5+), teens and adult groups. The hunt features 9 stops, approximately 1.2 miles long.

You will need:

  • A smartphone – for both the clues and to search for some answers
  • A pen and pencil – Stop by the Visitor Center for a free notepad and pen!
  • Good walking shoes – The Smarty Pants Hunt has 12 stops and is about two miles long. The Family Hunt is shorter with 9 stops and about 1.2 miles long.

How to play!

  • Pick up an answer sheet at the Visitor Center or download it from the website.
  • Give your team a fun name!
  • Select which the hunt you’d like and CLICK on it!
  • Follow the directions on the web page. 
  • Answer the question & write your answer on your answer sheet.
  • Click on the next question & follow the directions to continue.
  • Your hunt will take you through downtown Smithfield on 9-12 stops depending on which hunt you’ve selected. 
  • Hit the “FINISH” button when you’ve completed the last question.