Smithfield & Isle of Wight Tourism celebrate National Tourism Month

Smithfield & Isle of Wight Tourism celebrated National Tourism Month on May 8th by recognizing those in the community who work in the hospitality industry and contribute so much to its economic vitality at a breakfast at the Smithfield Center.

25th-anniversary-button-April-201825th Anniversary Celebration

In celebration of the tourism industry’s 25 years, the original tourism board members from 1991 were awarded a special Silver Hospitality Hero Award: Florine Moore, Ron Pack, Judy Begland, Diana Beale, Judy Winslow, Alan Nogiec, Lynn Harris, Mary Lee Willis

A Special “Hospitality Super Hero” Award was also presented to Peter Stephenson, Smithfield Town Manager.


2018 Hospitality Heroes

Nominated by their peers, managers and visitors our heroes are those who offered outstanding customer service to our visitors.

Congratulations Ira Abbott, Al Coke, Tracey Neikirk, Jennifer England, Kathy Mountjoy, Albert Burckard, Carol Jordan, Robin Stahura, Christian Prevett, Caitlyn Mundie, Diane Milner, Juliette Marshall, Sandra Lowe, John Hardy, Charlie Smith, Sam Cratch, Keith Johnson, Kris Steil, Gilbert Bret, LisaDobrott, Dee Campbell, Katie deGraaff, Magi Knight, Bonnie Sue Block

albert.JPGCongratulations to our 2018 Hospitality Hero of the Year,
Albert Burckhard, Volunteer at the Isle of Wight Museum

2018 Community Ambassadors

Our Ambassadors supported our local tourism industry and businesses by bringing their meetings, groups & events to town.

Congratulations Judith & Eric Soule, Gina Ippolito, Randy Pack, John Edwards, Royce Patrick, Karla McCarraher, Trey Gwaltney, Lanny Hinson, David Smith, Danny Byrum, Jim Abicht, Elizabeth Moose, Mary Cole, Charles Seward, Jeff Johnson, Diane Hill, Bill & Florine Moore, Matt Moore, Cristin Emrick

2018 Hambassadors

Our Hambassador Program offers employees and volunteers in the tourism industry the opportunity to learn about local attractions and the tourism bureau by taking a familiarization tour and an online customer service training course. Congratulations Deborah Duncan, Sydney Keever, Meredith Marchant, Teresa Frantz

wall of pigs by Pete Federico - reduced.jpg
Taste of Smithfield Mural by Pete Federico

2018 Photo Walk Contest

Congratulations and thank you to the photographers who participated in our Spring Photo Walk, arranged by Judith Soule with Fresh Look Photography.

Pete Federico, Denise Galante, Nick Chandley, Jennifer Lycke, Carol Svenconis DeLuca, Jackie Mingia, Sarah Hunter, Bonnie Horne, Edith Rose, Betty Tate, Denise Smith, Deborah Splitstone, Paul Price, Natalie Kent, Laura Bryant, Braden Kerr, Jennifer Overby, Jeanne Catalano, Mary Pawlowski, Shirley Whitenack, Johanna Hopkins, Rebecca Young

A bike and a basket by Johanna Hopkins.jpg
“A bike and a basket” by Johanna Hopkins