A “Friend of the Court”

Meet Suzanne Einberger, owner of Amicus Curiae 1799​


   The exterior of the clerk of courts building that sits appropriately side by side with the 1750 Isle of Wight Courthouse on Main Street in downtown Smithfield has maintained its historic patina and charm. The inside however has been transformed into a lovely jewelry shop showcasing unique and beautiful pieces collected by owner Suzanne Einberger. It may not be quite what you expect to find in this tiny historic building, but Suzanne has tipped her hat to its original use by naming her shop “Amicus Curiae 1799,” meaning “friend of the court,” a term still used in the judicial system today.

After working for a small, independent store owner in Colorado and “enjoying every aspect of that business,” Suzanne Einberger decided to open her own shop when her family relocated to Carrollton, Virginia. “Living and working in Isle of Wight offers so much to my family and me. I love the natural beauty and history of the area.  I believe we are so lucky to live here!”

Suzanne brings that appreciation of natural beauty to Main Street with the products she offers in her shop, such as “Sea Lily’s” piano wire necklaces, earrings and bracelets that proved “amazingly popular” over the holidays. Or the “Pearl Collection” with its contemporary styling and affordable price tag ($6.95 – $26.95!). But be sure to stop by Amicus Curiae often because the jewelry carried is always changing and there sure to be something new the next time you visit.

Though Amicus Curiae specializes in jewelry, Suzanne also carries antiques and home décor. On Valentine’s Day she will celebrate her one-year anniversary in the shop – a year she has thoroughly enjoyed. “I’ve so enjoyed being located in downtown Smithfield. It’s the perfect location because of the wonderful locals, the amazing tourists from all over the world, and the fabulous other shops that line the street.

This busy small business owner also juggles life with husband, Jacob, two children, Brett and Brooke and a small menagerie of rescue animals including, 2 dogs, 2 rabbits, and 4 guinea pigs! Visitors to the shop are sometimes greeted by Kevin, a Japanese Chin (a rescue from New Mexico) who keeps Suzanne company some days. “Kevin is very calm with a great temperament but Pippa, my female Chin, tends to be a loud mouth so she usually stays home.”

Check out Suzanne’s website ac1799.com to purchase items online and be sure to like and follow her Facebook page, “Amicus Curiae 1799” to keep up with the latest products and get a heads up on sales.

So, in celebration of Valentine’s Day stop by Amicus Curiae 1799 soon to wish Suzanne and her family a Happy 1st Anniversary and while you’re there, be sure to pick up something “trendy, unique and affordable” for a special someone in your world!

Amicus Curiae 1799
132 Main Street, Smithfield
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