Freshly brewed coffee, sizzling bacon – what could be better?

\Welcome Mike Aston and Christ Shelton, owners of Cure Coffeehouse – Smithfield

  It’s hard to believe that it was just a little over 7 years ago that friends, Mike Aston and Chris Shelton made a pastrami sandwich and decided that they wanted to create a place where they could enjoy that sandwich alongside a well-crafted cup of coffee – a place where strangers could become friends, and everyone would feel at home. From that moment of inspiration came their flagship shop Cure Coffeehouse, located in the Freemason district of downtown Norfolk.

Just 6 years later, Mike and Chris have expanded on their successful concept and opened their second Cure Coffeehouse in downtown Smithfield. As Mike explains it, “We’re from Smithfield. We’ve seen it grow into the charming and unique entity that it is today, however, the town seemed to be lacking one piece: a coffee shop! We wanted to fill a niche that was missing and bring our personality to the area and bring the craft coffee world to downtown Smithfield!”

Cure Coffeehouse offers handcrafted espresso beverages, manual drip pour-overs, teas, specialty “superfood” beverages, breakfast, lunch (“serving the very best pastrami sandwich you’ll have in Virginia!”), weekend brunch options, beer, wine, and extended evening hours!

Customer favorites include “our house vanilla-thyme latte and lavender mocha, which are wildly popular, and when it comes to eats, you’ve got to go for the pastrami Rueben (we smoke our own meats!) or the turkey and fig sandwich.”

What’s a visit to Cure like? “From the moment you walk in, you’ll see smiling faces and bask in the aroma of our freshly brewed coffee (or bacon sizzling in the kitchen. Either way, it’s a beautiful thing). Customers will enjoy a clean, crisp, modern atmosphere with the hum of complimenting curated playlists in the background while enjoying a delicious cup of our signature coffee, a pastry, or an amazing meal to keep their hearts and bellies full.”

The Cure customer ranges from teens to senior adults. The shop offers a little something for everyone including a casual place to meet up with co-workers for happy hour or enjoy a weekend coffee and brunch with family and friends.

Mike and Chris are quick to point out that the quality of the Cure experience is due to their outstanding team. “They’re incredibly hard workers. We find ourselves in awe of them quite often. Everyone is an integral part of our family and it’s very clear that they love Cure as much as we do. It’s a rare thing to find an entire staff that has a passion for the place they work, so we consider ourselves lucky and eternally grateful for every person who has brought something to this enterprise over the years.”

The folks at Cure are very active on social media. Their re-modeled website will be launched this month, but in the meantime, they invite you to join them on their Instagram (@cure_eats) and Facebook pages (Cure Coffeehouse – Smithfield, VA).

Over the years, Cure has become a local staple in Norfolk, with a strong base of community support thanks to friendly and knowledgeable staff, a welcoming atmosphere, and – of course – incredible tasting coffee and food. Mike and Chris hope to build that same sense of community in Smithfield.

“It may sound cliché, but we value all of our customers. We strive daily to build relationships with all the folks who come to visit us. We’re here to serve more than coffee and food, we want everyone to feel like a friend and neighbor!”

Cure Coffeehouse – Smithfield
113 North Church Street
Facebook Page: Cure Coffeehouse (Smithfield, VA) 
Instagram: @cure_eats
Website: (under construction)