Dance, Dance, Dance

The Isle of Wight County Museum needs you!

Join us for the Museum Dance Off*

10 a.m. THIS SATURDAY, March 4 at the Isle of Wight County Museum

103 Main Street in downtown Smithfield

(*No actual dance skills required – just the willingness to have some fun!)

The museum blog is hosting their fourth annual dance competition. This year the competition is worldwide. (The Chrysler Musuem in Norfolk competed last year and made it to the finals.)

Why is the museum doing this? Because museums are fun. And dancing is fun. So logically, dancing at a museum is super-mega-fun.
What will they win? Recognition and bragging rights.
What will you win? The ability to say that you were in this awesome video.
What will you be dancing to? Weezer’s Pork and Beans.
Why that song? Because we’re home to the world’s oldest ham, and it’s a catchy tune.
What will you have to do? Learn 32 counts of steps so simple that everyone is welcome to bring along their grandma to do it with them. (You learn the steps and then perform. We’ll record it for our production.)

The entry will be submitted at the end of March, and we’ll let you know to vote for the museum online!