Passion is Vast & Vibrant

Introducing Natasha Huff, owner of the brand new Smithfield Winery

February 2016

What did you ask your parents for on your 16th birthday? I doubt that it was a riddler. That’s what Smithfield Winery owner, Natasha Huff asked for – and received. I also doubt there are many 16-year-olds who even know what a riddler is (a traditional wooden wine rack), but my guess is that at 16, Natasha knew even more about wine than most adults did. Just 11 years later, Natasha is the proud owner, vintner, bottler, tasting room designer and manager, (you name it – she does it) of her own winery in downtown Smithfield.

The Smithfield Winery featuring wines and “bubblies” Natasha has carefully and skillfully crafted herself from locally-grown grapes – all grown within a 10-mile radius of the winery. She has also personally overseen the planting, nurturing and soon – the harvesting – of the vineyard planted at Windsor Castle Park.

This is a young person whose passion is evident in the thoughtfully selected, uniquely beautiful décor of the tasting room and banquet hall, and even more so when her face lights up as she describes her wine to a customer, who then gushes over the taste.

Attention to detail is Natasha’s signature. Vintage circular globe lights above the bar remind her of the bubbles in her wine, the gorgeous wooden bar is a work of art, and two stunning paintings by the artist Mickey Olsen grace the walls of the banquet hall, appropriately named “Passion is Vast & Vibrant.”

But let’s allow Natasha to tell a bit of her own story…

My name is Natasha Huff and I am the owner and winemaker at Smithfield Winery located at 117 North Church just off of Main Street in downtown Smithfield, Virginia.

Smithfield Winery is a brand new winery having just recently opened our doors the first week of January! We are offering winter hours right now and are open on the weekends (Friday/Saturday/Sunday). Our space is available for private events as well as group tastings. We are going to be expanding in the next few months and adding on an additional ballroom which will be available for larger weddings and events.

My family and I started making wine almost 15 years ago. We had been stationed overseas and were able to experience wines that were fresh from the vineyard to the bottle. Once we were back stateside we wanted to recreate that same experience and freshness. So, we began making wine and sparkling wines as a family in our home in Virginia. We have come a long way since our first crush as a family and we are proud to now be a part of the Smithfield Community!

We specialize in sparkling wines but we do have a few small batch still wines available.

Sparkling Wines available currently:

  • Southern Bubbly Dry:  White Sparkling Wine – which sold out in the first to weeks of being open! We now have a waiting list for the next batch!
  • Southern Bubbly Sweet: White Sparkling Wine
  • Southern Bubbly Rose Gold: Pink Sparkling Wine
  • Southern Bubbly Sultry: Red Sparkling Wine

Please come see us on the weekends in the winter, or contact us at

We’ve given you a sip of Natasha’s story. You’ll have to visit the Smithfield Winery yourself for the whole glass!

Smithfield Winery
117 North Church Street
Smithfield, VA 23430

Facebook Page: Smithfield Winery