Smithfield & Isle of Wight Tourism’s gratitude list for Thanksgiving 2015

We are so very thankful…

Summer 2009 sepia
Photo by Irene Morris

…for our Visitors who share our passion for our charming small-town and scenic county,

Paw Paw Kaydence and Turkeys REDUCED
Photo by Gavin Carter

…for our Locals who support our endeavors by volunteering at our events, patronizing our local merchants, bringing in family and friends to visit, and for extending their warm southern hospitality to our visitors,

2013 Cast for Courth Day
Court Days at the 1750 Isle of Wight Courthouse

…for our Merchants, Restauranteurs, Hoteliers, and those who run our Attractions – they are the “product” we promote, and it’s an easy sell thanks to their dedication and passion,

Our 2015 Hospitality Heroes

…for our Tourism Partners – from the Corporate Sponsors of our events, our Community Ambassadors, Hospitality Heroes, and Pork-a-Razzi Photographers, to our advertising reps, travel writers and bloggers, and our colleagues in the tourism industry, as well as the countless civic and business organizations who work with us to bring events and visitors and to promote Smithfield & Isle of Wight County as the wonderful place it is to visit,

Holiday Parade by Shirley Whitenack
Photo by Shirley Whitenack

and above all – we are grateful to be blessed to live and work in this exceptionally beautiful, safe and extraordinary spot, in the greatest Commonwealth, in the greatest nation on earth!