Ah Monday…

How about a little inspiration to jump-start the week?

Here is one of our favorite photos, taken in the fall by Jennifer Lycke of one of the trails at Windsor Castle Park. As we head into this gorgeous season, let’s promise that this year we will take the time to:

  • stroll through a park to enjoy the fall leaves,
  • visit a pumpkin patch or a corn maze (with or without children),
  • treat ourselves to some candy corn, a candy apple and a homemade pumpkin pie, or…
  • plan a backyard bonfire (with s’mores!) for our family and friends.

Of course, we’d love you to come to Smithfield & Isle of Wight County to enjoy all these activities, which is why we’ve added a special “4 Seasons” page to our website. Click here to view the page.

We hope our little fall fantasy and this wonderful image helps you through the the start of your week.

How do you and yours enjoy a perfect fall day?